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Nnamdi Kanu’s Nov 17 Radio Address Exposing ‘Fake’ Buhari

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[Radio Address by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB on Saturday November 17, 2018 from the studios of Radio Biafra in Israel]

Tonight’s program will be the most interactive broadcast in our lives because together we will go on a journey of discovery to find out how liars, cheats and deceivers are running Nigeria. The Yoruba dominated Nigeria media will never do a simple investigative journalism to find out the truth instead they allow their irrational hatred for Biafra, IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu cloud their sense of judgement. So since Yoruba people that control mass media in Nigeria won’t investigate and report the truth, we all are going to be investigators tonight because not only is it how we are going to uncover the truth, that is the easiest way to equip yourself against the junk news syndrome in Nigeria and beyond. Nobody can cover the truth no matter how hard they try.

Did I or did I not tell you people last Saturday that the handlers of the impostor Jubril will not unleash him on the gathering of world leaders because they know he is a fraud?

I also hinted that he might not return on Tuesday and he didn’t. I couldn’t agree more with what Moses Agbo on this:
“Had the Zoo not been designed for everlasting hopelessness, Tuesday morning the over 170 million [Nigerians] should have staged a very powerful protest demanding to know.

Some say it is rumour others say it is mischief but I know it is neither. What it is, is the TRUTH. Raw, revealing and painful. Anybody telling you otherwise is deceiving you. I know that most of these illiterate kleptomaniacs that litter the corridors of power of Abuja think that Nigeria is Allah’s gift to the Fulani nomads that settled in Nigeria through the instrumentality of British colonialism. While some of us are busy lamenting cross Atlantic slave trade and the horrors of our encounter with the British, Fulani feudal lords are celebrating and thanking their stars. They see colonialism as a great gift from Allah through which they have been given dominion over a large population of people who are more learned than they are, huge fertile land with abundant mineral resources. This is the single reason why Fulani people and the British will always be partners.

Britain on the other hand see Fulani rulers as the perfect illiterate star struck house niggers willing to do their will even when it includes killing millions of people to secure their access to Biafra crude oil and gas. Why should Britain bother invading and occupying Biafraland to seize our resources when your fellow blacks and Nigerians from the north can do it for them.

Against this background do we present this program tonight. A program of truth and liberation. My only regret is that a majority of my Yoruba brothers don’t want to be free. They prefer to remain under Fulani bondage as long as they have access to proceeds from crude oil, monthly allocation from Abuja, Lagos as the only viable seaport and Igbo businesses to pay taxes and develop their land while Biafraland remain a wasteland not for development.

Rejection of truth and reward of ignorance

“You have to be very careful introducing the truth to the black man, who has never previously heard the truth about himself.
The black brother is so brainwashed that he may reject the truth when he first hears it.
You have to drop a little bit on him at a time, and wait a while to let that sink in before advancing to the next stage”.

~ Malcolm X ~

“Slaves with always kick against their freedom. They see their chains as shiny jewelries”. This quote is to provide context for us tonight.

Nigerians should bow when they see any Indigenous Person of Biafra because we are the people working hard to save them from their own ignorance.

Before we proceed tonight, allow me to encapsulate in few sentences what transpired between Jubril-Buhari, Femi Adesina, Nigerians, Biafrans and keen observers of the dark arts of politics in Africa. I shall attempt to be concise and methodical in my approach to enable those with comprehension issues to follow the program tonight. We know a lot of grand mothers in the villages are following this program. From Oron to Abeokuta, from Iguruta to Gboko, from Mamfe in Cameroons to Lagos the heart of darkness. The whole world is listening, humanity is listening, university professors in Israel are listening, Argentine scholars are tuned in, every security agency in the world is prepared, Fulani cabal in fear as the British Zoo in Africa is about to disintegrate.

In a very short simple sentence, JUBRIL the impostor answering to Buhari, did not attend any summit in Paris. Femi Adesina lied because he like many of us know that the Buhari they are sending is fake. They know President Trump will expose them, they know my broadcast have woken up every intelligence agency in the world including those protecting leaders of the world at the said event in Paris. They chose to hide Jubril, because like I told you in July of 2017 that thing is an impostor from Sudan. He is not a Nigerian, he is not from West Africa, he is not Fulani, Hausa or Yoruba Muslim, he is an outsider not even registered to vote but today he is the president of Nigeria with the powers to kill anybody he likes without the slightest hint of prosecution. He is protected by the almighty creator of Nigeria the British.

Tonight, here from the holy land of Israel, I shall convincingly establish, beyond every reasonable doubt that this Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari Jubril was nowhere to be found at the just concluded World War 1 Commemoration Summit in Paris, the French capital city because he is fake, an impostor, a mass murderer like his alter ego and an unrepentant criminal.

We must all recall that this emergency Nigerian President had on Friday 9th of November 2018, jetted out of the country as announced by Femi Adesina, under the guise of travelling to France to attend the global summit which had in attendance, over sixty (60) world leaders. Nigerians were meant to have seen this fake President of Nigeria boarding the presidential aircraft from Abuja airport. He was on his way to Paris.

Nigerians saw their supposed president board an aircraft but nobody saw him land in Paris as he did when he attended the UN General Assembly in 2016 and visited Chancellor Merkel the same year in Germany. Who can forget his embarrassing bow upon alighting the aircraft and being confronted with a well drilled guard of honour German style. The video is on YouTube. He was so mesmerized by the sight of a well organized first world army that he bowed to the soldiers in total Alimajiri submission.

This time around in Paris, It is none of the footages that carried the global event as released by various international media platforms, saw or captured the Nigerian President’s participation in the summit. Meanwhile, the Assistant Media and Publicity Aide to the President, Mr. #FemiAdesina who must have done his NYSC at Oluwole International School of Forgery and Fraud near Tinubu Square Lagos Island variously stated that Buhari was identifiably present at the summit and even went ahead to release outdated pictures fake pictures depicting the President delivering a lecture at the centenary anniversary of the end of World War 1 Armistice Day Global Summit.

The man you all ignorantly Buhari but which I told you as far back as July 2could not participate in the event primarily due to his refusal to adopt to the dress code (suit) of all the participating world leaders as demanded. Further information obtained has it that several world intelligence agencies including that of the United States of America, were readily prepared to beam their wannabe-detecting machineries on the Nigerian President, to ascertain #NnamdiKanu’s revelation that the person acting as the incumbent President of Nigeria, is an #impostor.

It was really the plan of Aminu Jubril Al-Sudani and the Nigerian Cabals to have him attend the summit which flopped as he could not summon enough courage as on getting the information about the required uniform dress code and the intelligence dictating machine that was mounted on the summit doors, which were seen as insurmountable challenge to him.
In that case, the cabals have virtually no other alternative, than to divert the Buhari to another conference which was staged by Nigerians elsewhere in France. In that alternate conference, usage of mobile phones were bluntly forbidden. Only few staged individuals were allowed to ask questions to the #impostor. Some participants brazenly displayed gross displeasure and disappointment as they noticed that the #Buhari could barely identify some of the known Nigerian government officials that approached him.

Before the commencement of the bizarre event, those present were frisked and their individual mobile devices were taken from them before they could be allowed entrance into the venue.

All the questions posited before #Buhari were teleguided and the persons who asked those questions were pre-selected. Let me not say too much, but the summary of it all is that Nigeria is in a deep mess and Nigerians are really in for it.

#More revelation is coming. Stay tuned

1. Who is presiding over the leadership of Nigeria in Aso Rock.
2. Demanding to know where Jubril attended his own summit.

3. They should have demanded the immediate arrest & questioning of Femi Adesina for engineering the fraud and deceit via social media. But what do we expect from a hopeless damnable Zoological Republic called Nigeria, where even the youths are more brain dead than the late Buhari.”

For continuation, see link below:

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