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Most Yorubas Have First Class Degrees In "Hipocrisy".

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Anytime anything favours THEM, a HIGH percentage of Yorubas are full of PRAISES for such a thing; and will proudly shout out to anyone who cares to listen, how SOPHISTICATED they are! They will go beyond their self-praise and back-slapping to make comments with topics like : "NIGERIANS Welcome.. bla bla bla ", at if all Nigerians, without exception, welcome such a thing.
However, when an action, or pronouncement doesn't go their way, the same Yorubas pull long faces. This time, their speeches, or write-ups begin with: "NIGERIANS Express MIXED-FEELINGS about.. bla bla bla or Nigerians have RESERVATIONS about.... " Each time, they will present Positive or Negative feelings as the "Feelings for ALL NIGERIANS.

For samplers:
1.) When Prof. Humphrey Nwosu of the Igbo extraction was appointed Chairman of Nigeria's Electoral Body, Yorubas said they had their "RESERVATIONS about the person appointed to head that Body". When Prof. Nwosu introduced the " OPTION A-4" electoral formular that produced M. K. O Abiola, (their Son) as the winner of that election, the same Yorubas hailed that election as the FREEST in Nigeria's Political history. It's annulment gave birth to JUNE 12 Crisis!

2.) When TINUBU was dragging Nigerians into this MISERY, through his political alliance with Buhari, and reasonable Nigerians warned him against that action, the same Yorubas praised Tinubu to high Heavens as the "Saint and JAGABAN" of Nigerian Politics.
Now that ATIKU, a non Yoruba is stepping in to clear the MESS that Buhari has dragged Nigeria into, the same Yorubas see NOTHING wrong about Tinubu and Buhari, but see EVERYTHING wrong about Atiku, as the DEVIL with a very long tail.

3.) The Yourubas see APC as the best NIGERIAN political party; but see PDP as an IPOB party. Yet, the same Yoruba's fought extra hard to be given the Vice-Presidential slot of an IPOB party. I thought PDP was a REGIONAL party, an EVIL party that destroyed Nigerian Economy for 16 years. Yet you want to join that same political party that destroyed Nigeria for 16 years. WHAT A RACE!

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