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Connect With Nigerians Now Before Devil Takes Over, Bishop Kukah Writes Buhari

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By Nwafor Sunday
In what could be described as his Easter
message, the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese,
Mathew Kukah has on Sunday told
President Muhammadu Buhari that he has
kept his distant enough from Nigerians,
noting that time has come for him to
connect with them to quickly solve their
Expressing dissatisfaction over Buhari’s
administration, Bishop Kukah via his letter
on Easter Sunday urged President Buhari to
share in the pains of those who elected him
into office. He also charged him to fulfill his
campaign promises to the people.
Read his letter as presented by Thecable:
“You know sir, that you rode into town like a
knight in shining armour, carrying the joys,
pains, anxieties and fears of a people whose
broken dreams had littered and turned the
landscape into a kaleidoscopic scenery of
desolation and despair.
“In your campaigns, you promised to restore
a sense of national pride in us by slaying
the dragon of corruption, banishing the
retrogressive scourge of Boko Haram,
bringing back our daughters from Chibok
and making our country and citizens truly
“We waited in hope right to the end of the
first year, but somehow, amidst some hazy
weather, all we heard was the sound of
screeching tyres with the plane carrying our
hopes seemingly unable to take off. It finally
did but we had barely gained altitude when
sickness struck and you spent the better
part of a year seeking healing.

“The nation prayed for you and
miraculously, you recovered. Evidently, you
had been saved for a purpose. Our prayer is
that this realisation will help you understand
that you have a date with history and divine
judgment. For now, before your eyes and in
your hands, our country, our communities,
our people are all in a state of stupor. We
have never felt so alienated from one
another. The bogeyman of religion, region
and ethnicity, which we thought we had
overcome by the sheer nature of your
support base, has come back with a
vengeance to haunt and threaten the very
foundation of our existence.
“Mr President, you are too distant from your
people. There is a sad feeling that you do
not share in the pain and suffering of your
people. You must very quickly find a way of
connecting with your people before the devil
takes over the space. For taking on this
challenge and connecting with Nigerians.
“The average age of governors and
legislators across the country is 50. These
are the years of dreams, maturity, sacrifice,
patriotism and self-giving.
“But, sadly, you do not seem ready to depart
from the culture of cronyism, prebendalism
and primitive accumulation. The result has
been ruination and decay.
“I appeal to you to please abandon the spirit
of selfish accumulation and embrace the
principles of integrity and genuine service of
our country. Do not let this country collapse
in your hands. For accepting to make some
sacrifice, respect and listen to our people.
“But you yourself, no matter how rich or
poor, how educated or otherwise you are,
have a duty to understand that God has
plans for you and for every individual and
you have a duty to both yourself and your
“You have to defend your personal dignity
and seek the enforcement of your rights to
have property and to raise a family as
opposed to waiting for the crumbs from our
greedy leaders. “Defend your dignity as
human beings and children of God. Do not
allow the rich and powerful, who are rich
because you are poor, to divide you.
“They have light and water in their high
fenced houses, not because they are
Muslims or Christians or that they are from
this or that or the other tribe but simply
because they are rich. You are poor,
homeless, have no road, no water, and your
children are sick and illiterate, not because
you are Christian or Muslim or from this
tribe or the other, but simply because you
are poor.
“You and your children vote, but their
children do not vote because they are
abroad. Your children beg and die on the
streets while their children are abroad,
fraternising with those they call infidels.
They give you a fake religion that enslaves
you while they give their own children the
religion of education that will liberate them
and make them rule over you. Rise and
defend your right to food and shelter
because poverty is not a divine inheritance.”

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