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Flash Fiction Writers Let's Meet Here.

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If you're a writer, novelist or aspiring to write a fiction novel/story you've got to start somewhere. That's what the thread's about.

Write and post your own flash fiction write-ups. It should not be more than 300 words. It can be a few lines, no matter, just write and share with us.

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It was a bright day. The sun was shining up in the blue and cloudless sky. The air was cool and carried the fragrance of sweet-smelling flowers.
Everything looked all well and nice. Lying on the grass outside her house, Essa blinked at the sun cupping her mouth as she yawned.
"What a dream" she said sitting upright.
She wished she could stay here forever. But something was bugging her.
She stood up squinting at the scenery around her. The sun was high up in the sky as round and bright as it could. The sky was...well sky-blue. The grass around her were green and neatly trimmed. Everything seemed ordinary enough but still...

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# FlashFiction

Part 2
It took her a moment but she finally figured it out. Walking down to the next street Essa wrapped her arms round her body, a cold feeling of dread creeping down her body.
Where is everybody?
She stopped standing close to the mailbox at house 45.
The street was deserted. Essa counted the number of cars with their doors left ajar, 10 plus the ones with the broken windows and bloodied hoods.
She listened. But there was no sound. Only the pounding of her heart in her chest. There were no dogs running about, barking. Not a single bird high up in the tree singing. And the trees.. Essa stared at the trees. She couldn't hear the rustling of the leaves nor could she sense any movement from the tree.
The silence was deafening and frightening. It made her want to scream and at the same time she wanted to hide.
What happened here?
Essa looked up. She froze.
The sun was gone. Swallowed up by a bunch of thick dark smokey cloud.
Her mind was all mushy. She closed her eyes, covering her ears with her hands.
"I must be dreaming"
"I must be -----"
She felt it before she saw it. Cold fingers clawing at her back sending shivers of pain down her spine, pain so raw she wanted to cry, she heard voices too, so close but yet it felt faraway. Her vision was blurry. Her eyes wet with tears.
The fog was thick and dark almost solid. It was shifting, breaking apart, and forming different shaped figures. The fog was coming from down the street. And it wasn't coming alone.
Essa didn't want to stay here any longer. She knew something was coming. Something bad. And it was coming for her.
She ran.

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