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6 Tips That Helps You Stop Snoring By Princeemmma

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How loud a person snores is usually material for jokes at family gatherings or when friends meet up.
the consequences are however anything but funny

Snoring can create a division in marriage where one spouse keeps the other up with relentless noise.
This leads to sleeping in separate rooms which can affect physical and emotional intimacy. Snoring is often a reflection of several underlying issues particular poor habits and lifestyle choices.

We explore simple changes will bring about great results and help to reduce your snoring.

1. Get enough sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep for long periods and overworking yourself without rest may result in snoring

This is because your muscles are extended and stretched and when you finally sleep, you not only sleep deep but snore too.

Developing a healthy sleep pattern and committing to getting adequate sleep helps to reduce the chances of
you keeping the entire house awake with your snoring.

2. Switch your sleeping position

Lying on your back causes a shift in the position of your tongue and soft palate towards the back wall of the
throat. this shift will ultimately result in a vubrating sound being produced during sleep.

In order to prevent this, a switch to sleeping on the side is your best option. A pillow that supports the full length of the body is a great tool for maintaining your position throughout the night.

3. Watch your dinner

Studies have linked eating large meals right before bed and foods like dairy and soy milk to the occurrence
of a snore fest at night.

4. Watch your weight

Weight gain can have a direct impact on snoring. If you noticed the occurence of snoring just after you put on a few pounds, shedding some of it might help you curb it.

Weight gain especially in the neck region can squeeze the internal diameter of the throat whch leads to snoring when it collapses during sleep.

5. Hydrate

Snoring starts in the nose and it is essential that your nasal passages are always free. You can ensure this by drinking water throughout the day. This helps to soften secretions in the nose and allows your airways to open up.

6. Don’t drink alcohol before bed

Studied have linked the intake of alcohol before bed to an increase in snoring while you sleep.

The use of alcohol and sedatives has the effect of reducing the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat

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